"Sensei Randall Hassell Seminar" ®


  • President of the American JKA Karate Association
  • Chairman & Chief Instructor of American Shotokan Karate Alliance
  • Co–authored “The Complete Idiot's Guide to Karate (with Edmond Otis)”

    The Muskegon Karate Association and the Bassai Karate Academy sponsored a three - day seminar with the Chairman & Chief Instructor of the "American Shotokan Karate Alliance", Randall G. Hassell and his lovely wife Marilyn Hassell . The seminars was held at the "North Muskegon High School" large gym. A BIG Thank - You goes out to Mr. J. McGee the Superintendent of North Muskegon Schools for such fine facilities. The activities started on Friday night (Aug. 9th) and ran thru Sunday (Aug. 10th.) Hassell Sensei covered many many topics with drills that reinforced his lectures. Some of these topics were: "Switchback" being used in kumite, Simple & Complex Timing in kumite, Horizontal distance with Vertical height with wazas, the special components that make Kata look really Grrrrrrrreat!, and other topics to numerous to mention. The ones that attended walked away with a tremendous amount of information that will improve them & for those that missed it........Hope they will be here next year. Hassell Sensei held a special class for children Saturday afternoon. The children had a GREAT time refining their karate skills with Hassell Sensei and really enjoyed themselves while doing it. Saturday evening all attending participants were invited to attend a special dinner that was held in honor of Hassell Sensei. All went well, except that Thomas Sensei over slept and was late in picking up "the man of honor." Thomas Sensei learned a new word that evening......"Alarm Clock"! This word will forever be embedded in his memory. The dinner ended with Thomas Sensei's twisted humor as well as being roasted by Hassell Sensei and others in attendance. Sunday ended our time with this great man of Karate - Do, who shared his vast amount of knowledge with us. All of us say "Thank - You", Hassell Sensei for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit with us. Hope to see you next year. I would like to express my gratitude & Thank - You to: Marilyn Hassell, Joshua Thomas, Kristina Salsbury, Bassai Karate Academy, and Mei Ling Clemens for these pictures.
    Thanks to all that attended!

    Seminar Participants

    Instructors with Hassell Sensei

    Hassell Sensei,Chance Sensei, Thomas Sensei

    Judd Sensei, Hassell Sensei
    Spencer Dean, Thomas Sensei

    Brian S. Lentz Shihon, Steve Mete, Dennis Hussey, Thomas Sensei

    Kids Class with Hassell Sensei

    Hassell Sensei,logan Becker, Becker Sensei

    "Now, your right arm goes here and....."



    Gozai-mashita O Hassell Sensei!