We Have Moved!
The MUSKEGON KARATE ASSOCIATON has moved from their old location at the Xtreme Fitness to "The Church of the Saviour" located kiddy corner across the street. You will find a picture of the building below as well as a map that illustrates driving directions from Muskegon, Mi or Grand Rapids, Mi. The entrance to the Dojo is located in the rear of the building. If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact me at (231) 788 – 1995.


Kids Karate Program
If you would asked me 2 years ago if I would ever consider instructing a “Kids Karate Class”, I would have replied with “Not in my life time…I would make them cry.” Well, guess what! I have a Kids program! Yepper, the little warriors pulled a ninja attack & I got ambushed. Well, guess what! I really love it. These pint sized samurai will give me 180 percent! These little individuals have made this instructor a better person as well as a much improved Sensei. Have I lowered my standards? No Way! Did I become a “Baby sitter” during class time?? No Way, again. Do we play mindless games that only “Barney the purple dinosaur” would condone?? Not in my dojo. We learn thru activities such as “The hallway of death”, “Uchi, ushi, tora”, “Sumo Wrestling”, Drag the Sampan thru the water” and “Avoid the Dragons Breath by Slide, Corner & Spin Turn Drills.” O’ we still have Kata, Kihon, & Kumite training plus my troops (4 to 8 year old) can speak and understand basic Japanese Karate terminology. This week Saturday, 11/18/2006, they will try to earn their A.S.K.A. Jr. 8th kyu yellow belt. Stay Tuned for the exciting results! I am supported by the BEST assistants a Sensei could ever want! These great instructors are: Chris Hollowell, Craig Holmes and last but definitely not least…Rick Becker.These assistant instructors really help complete our program. I would also like to express my Thanks to their parents for trusting me with their most beloved treasures. Enjoy the pictures below:

Yoku Irasshaimasu !!! (Welcome!)

LINE UP!...???

Assistant Instructors
Chris Hollowell Rick Becker Craig Holmes

"Ichi...Ni...O'Well" HUT!!!

You better HUT!!! Now, thats better!


Osu! I'm Frank Thomas, Chief Instructor of the Muskegon Karate
Association. I have 30+ years in Shotokan Karate~Do. What makes 
me special is that I teach out of a wheel chair. It is my motto
that "One can do anything if,they put their mind to it" Are our 
classes laid back because of my disability? "I don't think so, Tim" 
I am a very demanding instructor.I have produced four dan students
since I have been in my chair! Two were sent to Mr. Randell G. Hassell
(ASKA - National Headquarters) and two went to Mr. Nick Palise (AJKA-New Hudson,MI)
Sensei and Gakkusei/Seito go hand in hand. As they learn from me I too learn from them. 
I am very very proud of every one of them who shared my love of Karate - Do. 
Without them I would not be a Sensei. 
Listed below are pictures of our student body.

This is Bill Shoup III. Having the rank of Nidan with 15+ years
of experience. Bill is my very 1st Dan student to be promoted to 
Dan level many years ago. Bill also has experience in other martial arts. 
Bill and his family have since moved to Colorado.

Guy Hinton is a Shodan with 11+ years of experience. He was promoted
by Mr. Randell G. Hassell(ASKA - National Headquarters).Guy has been 
a regular member of our testing board. Guy is a very strong karateka
and a valuable member of the M.K.A.
We finally have a picture of him. "Way to GO....Guy!" 

David Martinez is a Shodan with 11+ years of experience.Dave received Sho Dan back in 1992.
He was promoted by Mr. Randell G. Hassell (ASKA - National Headquarters).  
David is a very strong karateka and a valuable member of the M.K.A.

Matt Butler is the first Shodan the Muskegon Karate Association produced since we moved 
to our new location in North Muskegon. He was promoted by
Mr. Randell G. Hassell(ASKA - National Headquarters).
Matt has studied very hard to attain his rank. 

 Rick was promoted to Sho Dan at a AJKA dan examination held by
Mr. Edmond Otis and Mr. Nick Palise (who are "Primo" Instructors of the AJKA).


 Kim was promoted to Sho Dan at a AJKA dan examination held by
Mr. Edmond Otis and Mr. Nick Palise of the AJKA. She has since been married & retired.

Chris Hollowell was promoted to the rank of Sho Dan 
by the testing board held at ASKA - National Headquarters in St. Louis, Mo.
Mr. Randell G. Hassell, 8th Dan presided over the examination. Chris is activly participatating with the ASKA Instructor
Training Program and is doing a GREAT job!  

Our 5th kyu Purple rank holders are Tina Lei and Andy Fogg.


Tina Lei has really earned her 5th kyu Purple. GREAT JOB, Tina! 
Tina has all so improved her English with Thomas Sensei....Poor Tina! 
Andy's testing was very STRONG! All were impressed.

Our 6th kyu Green belt student is Carl Turner
 Carl comes all the way from England! When Carl heard 
what a wonderfull instructor I am, Carl just had to come to America to train.
(Boy! am I full of it today!) 

Our 7th kyu Yellow belt student is Melody Hollowell. Yep, she went and married Steve Hollowell 
in March of 2004! Congrats!
 Melody travels all the way from Grand Rapids,Mi to train! What dedication! WELCOME! 
Melody to the M.K.A. DOJO, it's a pleasure to have you for a student!

This is Pat & Steve in one of their happier moments!
Without them, our paper work would be piled high! In the year of 2003
Pat Baid retired from her M.K.A. position. Pat, you will be missed :O(

Cyndi Buquet took over Pat's position! Pesonal Thanks to Cyndi!
To them all,I say "Thanks!"

I would like to say "Thank-You" to Mei Ling for correctinxdfg my typoos
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