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Vince Morris Seminar - November 8th!

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OMEDETOU GOZAIIMASU! (Congratulations)

to all M.K.A. students competing at the Western Michigan Karate Championship!

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Mark Groenewold has my Thesis!

"How to Teach Karate from a Wheelchair!"

on his Web Site: Karate, the Japanese Way!

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Bassai Karate Academy
Bomay's Sensei's Web Page - GREAT WEB PAGE!

Bonsai Boy of New York
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SAKURA Martial Arts Supply
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Karate the Japanese Way
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Karate the Japanese Way: Thesis
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International Seito Karate Kenkyukai
The International Seito Karate Kenkyukai is an International Karate "Study Group", comprised of Karate practitioners from around the World. It is a non-political, Fraternal Organization of Karate-ka from all styles of Karate-do and Karate-jutsu. Their focus primarily on sharing the technical aspects of Karate. How about joining? On line membership applications for individuals!
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Check out Vince Morris Sensei video's and books on Bunkai & self defense!
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Vince Morris Seminar - November 8th!
Western Michigan Karate Championship Story
I.S.K.K.Copeland Sensei seminar
Vince Morris Sensei 2006 Seminar
M.K.A. TV Interview
Martial Arts Recognition Award!
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Pictures & story from Hassell Sensei Seminar


Hassell Sensei


Muskegon Karate Association

Yoku Irasshaimasu !!!

Welcome! to the Muskegon Karate Association Web Page. Watakushi wa Thomas Frank
 desu. Our Chief Instructor is Hassell Sensei out of St.Louis MO. We belong to   
 the "American Shotokan Karate Alliance" and instruct traditional Shotokan Karate Do. 
 Dozo, come back & check these pages again,we will be adding more pages with info,
 pictures,& special events! I hope you will enjoy yourself & check out these GREAT 
Watakushi no otosan desu: Thomas Arthur Jerry san
Watakushi no musuko (Joshua) to musume(Meghan)desu. 
Watakushi no tomadachi desu : Mr. Albert Richard (Dick) Allen
Watakushi no Karate Sensei desu:
                      Jesus, my greatest Sensei 
                      Ed McGinnis Sensei (JKA)
                      Monte Beghtol (Taekwondo)
                      Carl Novetski Sensei (JKA)
                      Tony Mileski Sensei(JKA)
                      Sojiro Sugiyama Sensei (JKA)
                      Nick Palise Sensei(AJKA) 
                      Randall G. Hassell Sensei (ASKA)
                      James Copeland Sensei(AJKA,JKA) 
                      John Viol Sensei (Sei Shin Kan) 
                      Hidetaka Nishiyama Shihon (JKA)
                      Osamu Ozawa Shihon (JKA
                      James Field Sensei(JKA) 
                      Greer Golden Sensei (ISKF) 
                      Vito Rolo Sensei (JKA)
                      Vince Morris Sensei (Kissaki Kai Karate Do)
                      Chuck Kerrigan Sensei (ASKA)
                      Rick Brewer Sensei (ASKA)
                      Bruce Barkalow(JKA,Kissaki Kai Karate Do) 
                      Jerry Bomay Sensei(Kissaki Kai Karate Do) 
                      Paul McQuay (Watakushi no Nihongo Sensei desu)

Watakushi no Karate wa Dan gakkusei desu: William Shoup III (Nidan) Rey Patino (Nidan) Guy Hinton (Shodan) Robert Judd (Shodan) David Martinez (Shodan) Matt Butler (Shodan) Rick Becker (Shodan) Christpher Hollowell (Shodan) Kim Zimmerman (Shodan)

Concepts of Importance Hitotsu!! "Katsu kangae wa motsu na makenu kangae wa hitsuyo." (Do not think you have to win. Rather, think you don't have to lose.) Futatsu !! "Karate - Do lies in neither "winning" nor in "defeat" but in the perfection of the character of the participant" Mittsu !! "Never....Never underestimate the capabilities of the disabled." Yottsu !! "Dojo nomino karate to omou na" (Do not think that karate training is only in the dojo) Ja mata; Thomas Sensei (Muskegon Karate Association)

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